‘As a Service’ Offerings

Optimise your IT budget with our flexible and scalable ‘As A Service’ Offerings.

Simplify Your IT Service

With our ‘As a Service’ offerings, you can enjoy the freedom of having all your IT services managed for you by a team of experts. With our services, you can…

Why Choose 'As a Service' Offerings?

Password Management

Let us securely store and organise all your passwords in one centralised location. Enjoy the highest level of data protection, keeping your sensitive information safe.

Email Archiving

We can securely store and easily access all your email correspondence with MailStore. Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in your industry and access emails when required.

Unified Communications

Consolidate your communication channels into one integrated system, allowing you to effortlessly connect to customers and collaborate with your team members.

Virtual Desktop

Access your personalised desktop environment from any device. Enjoy the flexibility of working remotely while experiencing the convenience of a desktop that is tailored to your needs.

Infrastructure (Servers)

Our servers provide the backbone for your digital operations, offering reliable performance, scalability and security. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and reliable data management.

If you want flexibility, scalability and simplicity in your IT services, please contact us for a free scoping session and quote.