The global gold standard in email archiving, retention, and compliance.


MailStore is the global gold standard for email archiving, retention, and compliance. No longer do users need to hang on to 1000s of emails ‘just in case’.

MailStore can…

Why Choose MailStore?

Lower your IT Costs

Overloaded servers, increasing storage and complex backup/restore procedures can all place enormous strain on the IT budget and your staff. MailStore reduces the complexity and cost of this.

Complete Archiving

All emails (even deleted) are journaled and archived. This reduces the risk of data loss to virtually zero. Emails can be safely deleted from the mail server’s mailbox once actioned knowing a copy will be safely stored within MailStore.

Simplify your Backups

Businesses are facing a growing number of government and industry requirements. MailStore can simplify this - users can search and restore their own emails with a few simple clicks.

Compatible with your Email Platform

MailStore can be provided as a service from $5 per user per month, or simply licensing for an on-premises installation from $300 per annum for 5 users. No matter what solution you are after, contact us for a free scoping session and quote!