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A comprehensive solution that integrates your communication tools into a robust, streamlined system.

Streamline Your Communications

Enjoy the convenience of having all your communications networks managed in one place, allowing your business to…

Why Do I Need VoIP of Cloud PBX For My Business?

For small and medium businesses, phone and internet are some of the biggest monthly costs after paying rent. Hosted phone systems or VoIP offer a premium quality service and can significantly reduce call and maintenance costs.

Aside from saving on costs, there are many more advantages to VoIP. The system is easy to set up and configure and lets you connect multiple locations. Advanced features help your business increase productivity while presenting a more professional image.

Experience the True Benefits of Collaboration

ZaheZone’s Cloud PBX gives you an all-in-one business phone system designed to grow and change with your organisation. With so many outstanding features, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the move sooner.

If you have staff working from home, these solutions provide the flexibility to work from multiple locations. All you need is a headset and an application installed on your computer, alternatively, a mobile phone can also act as a phone extension.

The benefits:

Advanced Functionality:


Hosted PBX

4 Concurrent Calls

$99 per month

8 Concurrent Calls

$149 per month

16 Concurrent Calls

$249 per month

24 Concurrent Calls

$349 per month

All hosting plans include

SIP Services

Bundled Call Minutes

1000 minutes

$85 per month

2000 minutes

$155 per month

5000 minutes

$370 per month

** All bundle calls include calls to Australian Mobiles, Australian Landlines, 1300/1800 numbers only.

Unlimited Call Minutes - $69.00 per concurrent call

PAYG Minutes

Local Calls

$0.00 flag fall

$0.00 flat fee

$0.09 per minute

National Calls

$0.00 flag fall

$0.00 flat fee

$0.09 per minute

Mobile Calls

$0.00 flag fall

$0.00 flat fee

$0.15 per minute


$0.00 flag fall

$0.30 flat fee

$0.00 per minute

Our Comprehensive Communications Services

Cloud Based PBX Systems

Experience seamless and efficient call routing, auto attendants, call forwarding and voicemail. Our offsite management offers advanced features, such as VoIP, and customisable configurations for reliable connection with your clients.

SIP Trunks

Do away with outdated analog lines and easily integrate voice, video and messaging services over your IP-based PBX or VoIP system to ensure crystal-clear communication, scalability and cost savings.

SMS Gateway

Reach your customers directly on their mobile devices with ease. Let us automate your SMS communications to your customers with an SMS gateway, including notifications, alerts and marketing campaigns.

Fax/SMS to Email & Email to Fax/SMS

A convenient, efficient and modern solution to integrate your traditional and digital communication channels – without bulky hardware.

Mobile Phones

Gain complete oversight and centralised management of your mobile phone fleet, from device configuration to security and app deployment. Maximise productivity, minimise risks and optimise costs.

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